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Phil Marc Ages


Phil, started Folk Voice back in 1987 in California. Phil starting out on accordion, soon discovered that there are a lot of other instruments to learn and enjoy. Self  taught on Mandolin, Recorder and concertina, he has performed with Scandia South and Katrilli, as well as La Pe Ke Ko.  
Birgit Teuwen-Ages Closet pianist  turned folkdancer and later converted to accordion under protest. Loving the international sound, I soon learned to appreciate the accordion for its versatility and adaptability. Although german by birth, the haunting sounds of both slavic and finnish music keep me fascinated.  
Vickie Brodine Well, my poem says it all. Vickie has been with Folk Voice since we started in Seattle in 1992. She is a steady and steadfast member of the band, Vickiehas also performed with the Sno King Band and is one of the co-leaders of Scandia Kapell.

This poem describes her very well.


Sarah Funk

Violin, vocals,

recorder & percussion.




 Annual performer at NW Folklife Festival, Worldfest, Julefest

  for more information please see

Sarah's web page

Jim Noyes  

Jim Noyes, plays Bass, Tuba at various events and with a number of bands in thePacific north west.

Kris Johannson Currently his musical groups he performs with the FolkVoice Band, Nordiska Folk Dance Group, Katrilli Folk Dancers, Sprida Ut, Tinn Felen, Metrognomes, and Skandia Kapell



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